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Ad campaign - photos only

Average Budget

1200 - 2500 EUR

Here's how it works -

First, we choose together the most suitable team for your project, made up of Fashion PhotographerFashion Model(s), Makeup artist, Hair stylist, Fashion stylist etc.

Next we choose a location, outdoors or indoors, best suiting your project, visually and financially.

Every member of the team as well as location details are confirmed with you before any bookings are made.  

Then, we discuss the number of looks you desire to shoot. We also discuss the number of edited pictures needed. In one day, with a single model we can shoot up to 12 looks from a collection, and up to 30 pictures can be edited (close-ups, full looks, still lives).

If you are not present on the shooting day, we can provide you with backstage pictures and videos so that you can share these with your clients and followers.

Leave the stress of planning and organizing the shoot to us, allowing yourself to relax and take pleasure in creative process. We will take care of everything! Our resources and network enable us to offer you exceptional conditions at reasonable rates.

Please feel free to contact us by email (, or by WhatsApp (+33 6 02099722), for any further information and we will get back to you within less than 24 hours.

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